Fluke-Ti300+, Thermal Imager

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Buy a Fluke Ti300+ and get one of the below for free!

  • A Fluke 87V IMSK Industrial Multimeter
  • A Fluke Service Kit
  • A Fluke 1577 Insulation Multimeter
  • Any Other Fluke Temperature Product

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Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Imager helps teams find issues before there are fully formed problems. It has the resolution and accuracy needed to clearly reveal temperature differentials or demonstrate progressive heat changes over time. It also enables the team to get clear images while maintaining a safer distance from operating equipment.

  • Measures up to 650 °C and has 320 x 240 resolution (Infrared Resolution of 76,800 pixels)
  • Subject to Export Control
  • Features a manual or automatic focus
  • Rugged enough to capture quality infrared images even if it gets dropped (up to two meters)


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